The smart IP network camera solution supplied and installed from £475

  • Smart Apps based solution iPad/iphone/Tablet 
  • iPad /iphone/tablet based real-time video and recording playback
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Quality IP network cameras
  • Easy Record on camera or network storage
  • No PC required

Outdoor Package - £575                                                                             Indoor Package - £475     

Axis Fixed dome outdoor IP network HD camera                                               Axis fixed dome indoor IP network camera

Network storage for 24 x 7 recording                                                               Network storage for 24 x 7 recording

Network LAN cabling                                                                                      Network LAN cabling

High quality IP HD camera                                                                              High quality IP HD camera

Motion detection                                                                                            Motion detection

Full installation cabling and configuration                                                          Full installation cabling and configuration

ipad/iphone/tablet app configuration                                                                ipad/iphone/tablet app configuration